YELC provides Law students with a methodology for experiencing legal procedures, ethics and interacting with clients.

  • To develop students’ critical appreciation of the law and legal system in Australia through participation in a legal practice working for clients.
  • To enhance students’ contextual understanding of the law and legal process by exposing them to real clients with legal problems.
  • To provide students with a detailed understanding of the legal aid system and develop students’ understanding of issues of access to the legal system for the Australian community.
  • To develop students’ awareness of the role of lawyers in practice in the legal system.
  • To develop students’ understanding of ethics and responsibility in a workplace setting.
  • To introduce students to the importance of developing basic legal skills to a high level of proficiency including communication, interviewing, drafting and negotiation.
  • To encourage students to see the law as a vehicle which can be used to protect and develop human rights.

Law students can gain credit for the time spent  at YELC  towards  their  Professional Legal Training (PLT)  requirements


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